FAST Overnight Holiday Marketing Tips For “Main Street” Businesses

StoresHappy Holidays!

Corinna Kaufman, journalist with JenningsWire, asked lots of marketing experts for their fast turnaround HOLIDAY marketing tips that small “mom and pop” style businesses can implement almost overnight.

“My favorite tip of all,” says Corinna, “is the one about Santa Clause because of the family nature of the tip and that the Santa experience will be fun for the kids!   But actually, I love them all and hope that small businesses can enjoy a happy and profitable holiday season using the tips below.”

All of the ideas are designed for fast implementation so you can kick up your Holiday marketing FAST!


Marketing and SEO consultant, Ricky Shockley,  offers the following two tips:

Provide an incentive for passersby and display it prominently!

Tip 1: People are drawn to deals, sales, giveaways and other forms of promotion. Whether you are having a sale on a specific item, offering a freebie with a purchase or have any other offering that you think will attract business, let the people know! If you aren’t able to offer any incentive for potential customers, think of a creative call-to-action that can help attract business. For example, if you are a small coffee shop, posting something simple like “Take a break from shopping to enjoy a hot cup of coffee and a danish! Free Wi-Fi inside!” can help attract business. A prominent call-to-action is one of the most effective marketing principles through any medium.

Be sure to capture the email of your customers

Tip 2: The holidays tend to be the busiest time of year for many businesses. Make sure you are capturing email addresses for all of your holiday customers! Having email communication with your customers can help build strong connections that lead to referrals, repeat business and loyalty.

Retail Consultant, Mary A. Alonso, offers the following tip:

Make an appealing presentation

Tip 3: Make it easy for customers to add on extra gifts.  Make an appealing presentation up front so that it draws customers as soon as they walk in (or click in).  It can be a front table or a primary wall or a pop-up on your site.  Make a second grouping at the cash desk so there is another opportunity to sell.

Media relations specialist, Jerian DiMattei,  likes this strategy:

Have a customer sweepstakes

Tip 4:  Have a contest or a sweepstakes throughout the Holiday Season. Consumers will be inclined to participate for a chance to win something and it will keep your brand in the front of consumers mind.

 Owner, Mohan Ramchandani, Mohan’s Custom Tailors, NYC says this works for their shop:

Provide a special offer

Tip 5: Offer holiday shoppers a special offer including buy one/get one free for the season to add extra value.  We’re offering a special on custom-made suits for our targeted buyers.

Marketing consultant, David Anderson, author of Armchair Millionaire and How To Double Your Salary In Two Months ( says free goodies are always a good choice:

Offer free goodies

Tip 6: “Nothing gets people into stores faster than free stuff.  And the beauty of stores like candy shops, toy stores, flower shops and coffee shops is that fact that they have products that are really cheap.  If they select the right high margin products or end of line, the cost can be virtually free.  The key is to provide giveaways that make people want to buy.   “Here’s an example.  If you’re a candy shop owner, open up a few of the large sweet containers and put candies in individual wrappers or small bags.  Put a large sign over these saying things like “Granny’s Favorites” or “Delicious Dad’s Sweets” so that the customer, while happy about the free candy, starts thinking, “This would be great for …”

Richelle Shaw, RTS Publishing says:

Give customers a red envelope…

Tip 7: Give each person who buys something a red envelope with a discount offer that they can only open when they return to the store on the next visit (make it before the big holiday so that they can get repeat sales)

Andrew Schrage, co-owner of Money Crashers,

Offer a picture with Santa promotion

Tip 8:  This is an awesome marketing strategy to get people in your door. Just make sure you use an instamatic camera so you can disburse the photos with Santa immediately. This can be a bit of a challenge, but they are still available.”

Note From Annie Jennings, Creator Of JenningsWire:  As one of the tips above mentioned, be sure to ask your customers  if they would like to give you their email address so you can stay in touch all year round with lots of special offers and other goodies.   This way, you can build up your database and reach your customers quickly via email newsletter.


Article written for the online magazine JenningsWire. To view all articles written by Corinna click here

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